The talks between Putin and trump: become aware of the details of the fateful deal

Переговоры Путина и Трампа: стали известны подробности судьбоносной сделки

The President of the United States Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin discussed by telephone “make or break” deal

This was announced by the White House rechnitsa Sarah Sanders, reports “Radio.Freedom.”

“Trump and Putin had a telephone conversation during which discussed the possibility of concluding a new multilateral agreement on nuclear weapons between the United States, Russia and China, or an extension of current strategic Russian-U.S. nuclear deal on missiles and medium-range”, — stated in the message.

Переговоры Путина и Трампа: стали известны подробности судьбоносной сделки

Moreover, trump and Putin discussed the incident in Venezuela and the report of Prosecutor Robert Mueller regarding the Russian intervention in the American elections.

As previously reported, Russia and the United States exchanged “pleasantries”, reviewing the situation in Venezuela. So, we can say that Russia had a fight with the United States for the military operations in the “sovereign state”. Countries failed to reach consensus on the question of Venezuela, which is shaken by a protest for protest.

High tones on the subject talked US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Not only did they not come to a consensus, but also began to each other to threaten.

So, Mike Pompeo said that the administration of President Donald trump is ready to take decisive military action to finally end the protracted crisis in Venezuela.

“He (the President trump – ed.) is willing to do it if that’s what it takes,” he said during a telephone conversation with Lavrov Pompeo, speaking about the military operation of the USA.

Lavrov tried in every way to dissuade the U.S. side from such actions, threatening that it would have “dire consequences”.

“The Russian side emphasized that the intervention of Washington in internal Affairs of a sovereign state, threats to its leadership – a flagrant violation of international law,” cynically said Sergei Lavrov.

Переговоры Путина и Трампа: стали известны подробности судьбоносной сделки

Recall, trump was caught in a scandal with Putin.

As reported Politeka, Putin is afraid of a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko snubbed Putin sharply after rumors of the invasion.