The tackle subtle Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump during his interview with Time Magazine – Here

On the cover of the prestigious Time Magazine, Emmanuel Macron gives a long interview to our fellow americans in the course of which he does not hesitate to tickle Donald Trump.

On November 3, the entire planet breathed a 11 minutes. The reason for the improvement is temporary : the closing involuntarily from the Twitter account of Donald Trump! “Earlier in the day, the account @realDonaldTrump has been inadvertently turned it off after a human error by an employee of Twitter, declared the leaders of the social network twitter. The account was unavailable for 11 minutes and has since been restored. We continue to investigate and take measures to avoid that this happens again. “Known for its output of road permanent on Twitter, Donald Trump took over as soon as his work of undermining 2.0 as if it were nothing…

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Also very present on social networks, Emmanuel Macron does not have the same approach to Twitter and just tackle Donald Trump (without the quote… He is smart) in the long interview he has given to our confreres of the Time. It reveals – among other things – that social networks are managed by a community manager. “I do tweets not me, underlines our head of State. According to me, it is not compatible with the distance you need to govern and preside over it. You know, Twitter is not a suitable tool for this kind of work. These are not reactions private, but of the reactions of president that we must have… ” that forgets VERY often the president of orange when it starts to chirp.

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