The sun is for the Earth a serious threat: “flash-killer”

Солнце представляет для Земли серьезную угрозу: «вспышки-убийцы»

Astronomers said that the Sun brings to Earth a great hidden threat

Blame the sudden superspike stars.

So, a group of scientists from the universities of Kyoto, Hyogo, Washington, University of Colorado at boulder, National astronomical Observatory of Japan and the University of Leiden studied the flash-killer.

Солнце представляет для Земли серьезную угрозу: «вспышки-убийцы»

According to experts, in recent years, these outbreaks are becoming more. Why, scientists still find it difficult to answer.

Stars from time to time emit a very powerful energy ball, which you can see hundreds of light years. Until recently, researchers assumed that such “explosions” occurred mainly in stars that are much younger than the Earth.

However, new research has shown that outbreaks can occur and the stars as our Sun is old and inactive.

If a similar outbreak happens in the Sun, the Earth is nothing good is not threatened. The release of energy will cause a real havoc on our planet.

Impacts are difficult to predict. Outbreak on the Sun can damage the satellite communication and power systems, and can destroy all of humanity.

A little comfort in the fact that according to calculations of scientists, such a devastating solar flares occur once every few thousand years.

“The results of our study should be a Wake up call for the existence of life on Earth. If such a flare happens on the Sun, the Earth, is likely to be in the way of waves of high-energy radiation. Such an explosion can disrupt electronics around the globe, causing widespread power outages,” warned lead author Utah Natsu.

As previously reported, scientists have discovered the fastest object in the Galaxy. This is the biggest and brightest star ETA Carinae, that two centuries ago threw the flaming bundles of matter, accelerated to a fantastic speed of 20 thousand kilometers per second, or 6% of the speed of light.

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Nathan Smith of the University of Arizona in Tucson (USA) said that such velocities are characteristic of supernova explosions: when an explosion destroys the star completely. As in this case, such did not happen, there must be a process which pumped huge amounts of energy to Shine in a very short time.

Солнце представляет для Земли серьезную угрозу: «вспышки-убийцы»

This Keel has an unusual history. For the first time on the map of the sky the star is noted by the English astronomer Edmund Halley in 1677. During the 18th century and early 19th century the brightness of this star is periodically increased and decreased.

In 1827 its brightness increased rapidly, reaching a maximum in April 1843. At that moment, she eclipsed all other lights in the sky except Sirius, located about a thousand times closer to the Earth than the ETA Carinae remote from us at 7800 light-years.

In the 20th century observations of the star continued, and showed that it is a very exotic binary system consisting of the largest stars in the Galaxy weighing 120-150 Sun and its “small” companion, whose weight is “only” in the 30-80 times higher than that of our sun.

The pressure of light inside the bowels of the larger lights is so large that bursts of activity within These Keel literally “rip off” outside the veil of stars, throwing them into the open space.

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