The sudden cold will fall on Ukraine: forecasters warned of the danger

Внезапное похолодание обрушится на Украину: синоптики предупредили об опасности

Weather forecast Ukraine 15 August will be “diverse”

Thursday, August 15, on the territory of Ukraine will be “very diverse” weather. Rain, thunderstorms, possible heavy rains, squalls and hail in the West. A strong South wind in the North, Centre and Odessa region. Heat in the South, East and Central regions, except for Vinnytsia region about this on his page in social network Facebook, said a well-known forecaster Natalia Didenko.

Внезапное похолодание обрушится на Украину: синоптики предупредили об опасности

Short-term thunderstorms will be in the Western regions, it is possible to, locally, hail and squalls. The humidity can make it to the North chance of precipitation in the Zhytomyr region. The rest of the territory of Ukraine, dry weather and high fire hazard.

The predominantly South wind, with strong gusts in the North, in the Central regions and in the Odessa region. In the Western areas the wind is expected to moderate from the Northwest.

Temperatures will be similar to the following:

In the East of the country and in most of the Central areas, except for Vinnytsia region, is expected + 30 / + 34 degrees.

In the West it is expected the cold temperature + 18 / + 23 degrees.

In the North will remain stable, in Zhytomyr region + 20/+ 23 degrees, in the Kiev region + 23/ + 25 degrees in Chernihiv region + 25/ + 27 degrees in Sumy region + 26 / + 31 degree.

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In the Ukrainian capital on August 15 the heat goes down to 24 degrees! Expected gusty South wind. The probability of rain is low, increased in the afternoon.

Внезапное похолодание обрушится на Украину: синоптики предупредили об опасности

Recall that rainfall that hit Kyiv on 14 July, became record for all history of observations. It is reported by the Central geophysical Observatory named after Boris Sreznevsky.

According to the observations of the employees of the weather station, the rainfall on this day broke many of last year’s achievements. So, on the capital resulted 36 mm of precipitation, which is 8 mm more than in the past, rich in the showers 1962.

The Observatory noted that the maximum rainfall in Kiev for all time of observations (since 1891) recorded in the early twentieth century. 20 Jul 1902 fell to 103 mm of rain.

We will remind, the fire disaster has befallen Russia.

As reported Politeka, powerful catastrophe gripped the Ukrainian land.

Also Politeka wrote that the irreversible catastrophe will destroy all of Europe