The success of Tesla-hope in Motrec

chaque-fois-compagnie-tesla-annonce(Sherbrooke) Whenever the company Tesla announces new projects, it does not lack the attention of people from the company Sherbrooke Motrec.

The company’s Brompton sector has several industrial vehicles in the facilities of the California manufacturing and projects are still in progress, says Jean-Sébastien Duguay, Director of Marketing.

“Tesla is an active customer of ours. Whenever there has ads, it raises hope in our team, “he said.

“There is currently a craze for the brand Tesla. ”

When he speaks of enthusiasm, Mr. Duguay evokes the pre occurred last spring hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles Tesla Model 3. The company CEO Elon Musk has to start producing at the end of next year. She has already registered about 400,000 presales.

The Model 3 will be on sale at the price of approximately US $ 35,000, almost half of its most popular model, the Model S.

There are several types of Motrec vehicles are in operation at Tesla says Jean-Sébastien Duguay. These are used to carry parts to assembly lines.

“We already have five vehicles in operation in the Gigafactory Tesla and this number will increase in the short term,” he enthuses.

“The future is bright! ”

By 2020, the plant Tesla, near Sparks, Nevada, will produce 35 GWh of batteries per year.


Regarding the possible move of Motrec facilities elsewhere in Sherbrooke or outside the region, as announced Tribune last April, no decision

was taken.

“We extend the analysis, he said. The file is still active. No date for a decision has not been determined. ”

“There must have important meetings with stakeholders to move forward. ”

Growing, International Motrec plans to double the size of its factory in the coming months. The company favors the option to expand its plant in the industrial park Gene-H.-Kruger in Sherbrooke, but does not eliminate the possibility of a factory in another municipality. Recall that cities such as Drummondville, Magog, Windsor Plattsburgh or the United States are in the firing direction.

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