The student was sent to the children a machine gun in the centre of the capital: “lesson of patriotism”

Студент направил на детей пулемет в центре столицы: «урок патриотизма»

In the Russian Federation on the eve of victory Day begins now “pobedobesie”

Moreover, the pseudo-patriotism of some Russians so rolls is that they begin to behave inappropriately.

So, in the center of the capital of Russia a student of the Higher school of Economics decided to teach the students the “lesson of patriotism”. 19-year-old Yaroslav Vasilyev, apartment Windows onto one of the Moscow schools, put on the windowsill and sent to children submachine gun Shpagina, according to the Telegram-channel Mash.

Студент направил на детей пулемет в центре столицы: «урок патриотизма»

The students just went for the line and held a festive March to victory.

The event was solemn, with all the attributes – inspirational poems, Patriotic songs, dancing and fiery speeches. All was going well until one of the teachers noticed that from the window of a neighboring house for students looking gun barrel.

Kids immediately got into the school building and called the police. Law enforcement officers in the twinkling of an eye calculated “militant” apartment and rang the doorbell.

During the proceedings, it appeared that the PCA – model. Same student the act explained that such an unusual way held a “lesson of patriotism” and “brought the love for the Motherland”.

However, his Patriotic methods no one appreciated. The dummy away from sin was taken away, and the young man is threatened with criminal article for hooliganism.

As previously reported, the network has made fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin “the tale” about his father and the war. The staff concerned have published the propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, who is not just “substituted” the head of the Kremlin.

“Putin on the evening in honor of the 10th anniversary of the special operations Forces: At the beginning of the great Patriotic war took a large number of special units. One of them started a war and my father. Twenty-eight people were transferred to the front line, returned only four,” he wrote on Twitter Smirnov.

Internet users immediately threw the representative of the Kremlin pool caustic comments.

Студент направил на детей пулемет в центре столицы: «урок патриотизма»

“My grandfather fills”, “all”, “coming soon the video of how Putin’s grandfather gives orders to Marshal Zhukov”, “And with birds grandfather flew? And harp?”, “it is a pity that his father was not contraceptives,” they write.

We will remind, Putin disgraced in front of the cameras: “Small bug so smelly”.

As reported Politeka, Putin became a byword for a new “gem”: “the dwarf blew the head”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin accidentally revealed his biggest fear.