The strongest magnetic storm will cover the Earth: “week of hell”, will hurt everybody

Самые сильные магнитные бури накроют Землю: "неделя ада", ударят по каждому

The inhabitants of the Earth expect soon a serious blow with the space that can adversely affect health

We are talking about magnetic storms. The strongest in may 2019 begin on may 11 and will last almost a week until 17 may 2019, inclusive.

During this period, activity on the Sun’s surface will reach its peak. It would be better if all seven days to sit at home, and if you have to go to work – it must not overexert.

Especially dangerous magnetic storms 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 may for people with chronic diagnoses. But even healthy people, not complaining about meteozavisimosti, you should be careful.

To avoid the negative impact of the sun during magnetic storms, it is recommended not to burden themselves excessive physical work, more rest, avoid stressful situations and to comply with the correct diet and water regime. Also during magnetic storm limit long trips and always keep at hand the necessary medicines.

Самые сильные магнитные бури накроют Землю: "неделя ада", ударят по каждому

You also need to have medications that you usually take, and the headache and pressure was at hand. After all, these days often disrupted the cardiovascular system, may increase blood pressure and adrenaline levels. The person becomes vulnerable, feel anxiety and fears.

It is necessary to abandon exciting food and drink: coffee, energy drinks, strong tea, spices, garlic, onions, smoked meats, pepper, and alcohol. It is better to eat more fruit: blueberries, bananas, apricots, raisins, and lemons and currants with cranberries.

Still recommended:

not to rise abruptly from bed or from a chair (at work after a long sitting at the computer and at home, especially after a meal) – because of increased dizziness with headache;
to give up flying in airplanes and travel underground (here, the negative effect of storms is felt particularly strongly);
be very careful driving or refrain from driving;
take a shower – better contrast.

Самые сильные магнитные бури накроют Землю: "неделя ада", ударят по каждому

Of the methods of folk medicine recommended tea with mint. This herb helps to relieve headache and dizziness. In mint also contains substances that normalize blood pressure and circulation. Peppermint tea or water with the addition of peppermint oil (3 drops in a glass of water) you should drink three times a day. Migraine rescue antispasmodics: strong, no-Spa, baralgin.

Recall, the weather prepares Ukrainians to the next test, the spring would not be.

As reported Politeka, a favorite resort of Ukrainians unexpected snowfall: “tourists attack”.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather in Ukraine will come to their senses after the date of warming will be heat.