The strange world of Paul Laprise

outre-dessin-paul-laprise-pratiqueStrange creatures have taken up residence at the municipal library of Jonquière. A bird watcher could not identify, but under the influence of a hallucinogen. People in gray face like death. A dragon. A vampire. Because the world of Paul Laprise is anything but ordinary.

Presented until July 9, the exhibition is titled amalgam. It includes some sculptures, a very pretty, carved into a soapstone block, called soapstone. Looks like a bird that seems to confirm the name given to him Sainte-Rose-du-Nord Artist: Vaulting. Except that with him, we’re not sure.

In his welcoming remarks, in fact, it boasts an almost absolute freedom. “To exist involves an interpretation of the world and ways of representing are multiple,” notes Paul Laprise well. At home, the trigger is sometimes down to randomly drawn lines. They can bring about a dolphin, a totem or a lizard.

On the ground floor, several dozen drawings greet the visitor. The most recent are this year and are part of a separate section. There are three and one in the center, Amalgam, a man and a woman walk past four masks floating between heaven and earth. Their faces are colorful and they wear gray clothes.

Another kind of family is represented on Stargate. This time it is the faces that are gray and colored clothing. The child, a girl, has a sad. Looks like death lurks, like the picture completing this sequence: The carrier. Again, the casing is attractive, so that the body is as absent.

Other drawings are distinguished by their fancy. So it is a bird called the Grand Duke. The body is so colorful that could be attributed authorship of this drawing to a Native American artist from western countries. And next door, Beautiful eyes really bears its name, since it shows big eyes nestled in the heart of an elegant plumage.

It is worthwhile to approach and admire the attention to detail that animates Paul Laprise. Meticulous, who sees himself as a craftsman, just like an artist, like a job well done, which adds to the pleasure Amalgam provides.

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