“The stewardess smiles and…”: a new video first moments of hell in Sheremetyevo. It will not show on TV!

"Стюардесса довольно улыбается и...": новое видео первых минут ада в Шереметьево. Это не покажут по ТВ!

The network has emerged a unique, without exaggeration, simply amazing footage of the first moments of the evacuation of the burning of the SSJ-100

The tragedy in Moscow “Sheremetyevo” shocked the world. On the eve of the network has published a new video from the scene of an emergency. It was created and flooded in the network is one of the lucky ones who managed to escape from the blazing smoky liner. He was sitting in seat 12A.

Scandalous video on YouTube published by user Oleg Molchanov. The video clearly shows how people are inactive and just watching their eyes tragedy. Moreover, flight attendants aboard a smiling at the camera and smoothing of hair, someone quietly talking on the phone, standing almost at the epicenter of the disaster.

Reaction to the video is very extensive, most people agree on the opinion that the Russian authorities failed to take adequate measures to prevent worst case, users simply exploded in a flurry of criticism of the “smiling” staff side. Many pay attention to what idle men say “the fat cats were saved – innocent children burned”, the system respond to such cases and rescuers work at the airport – do not give any explanation:

“WHAT kind of people-and a state!…If during a fire the old Shoe rushes to save HIS “chumadan”and not a child from a nearby chair,so did the state in relation to it!…Russish-a nation of geeks,and the proof is this video…”

“Huge men escaped, but the kids no…it Turns out money talks,if you’re in business class you fly”.

“Flight attendants at the beginning very funny. Direct breaks into a smile”

“The question of readiness of the flight attendants. PLEASE NOTE AT 0:27, the flight Attendant threw up his hands and says. “I don’t understand what happened !!!!””

“Surprisingly clean dresses on the stewardesses, no hint of smoke or fumes, as it so happened that the passengers were burned, and the flight attendants not a bit of soot?”

“Why did the plane not met the pumper, ambulance…?”

The network also increasingly of the view that hides the Russian government has clearly something to hide in relation to this disaster, hiding behind the myth that people who have enough handbags, prevented the evacuation of people in the tail compartment.

So well-known Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov writes in one of the social networks:

“The main problem — it is the responsibility of aircraft manufacturers and airlines, who have neglected the safety and lives of the people!”.

The journalist writes that apparently the cause of death of most passengers was not the fire — burning products:

“Such a rapid burning and poisoning of the passengers, which did not allow them to evacuate, probably due to the poor quality and high Flammability of the interior materials of the airplane. The security of the Russian civil aviation is one of the lowest in the world.”

We will remind, Ukraine has bought a plane-killer, from which all refused: too dangerous.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea: “Bomb the Crimean bridge.”

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians: parts and frames PE.