The stars of X-Factor broke the cooperation with Danilko: what happened

Звезды Х-Фактора разорвали сотрудничество с Данилко: что произошло

Popular Ukrainian band that is the star of one of the seasons of the X factor, broke off relations with Andrey Danilko

This was stated by the Director of the group Mountain Breeze Sasha Whitey, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.

After the show, we more closely with Andrei Mikhailovich. During this time, thanks to Andrew and his contribution, we received invaluable experience. We have his first Studio album, we often played in Ukraine and beyond its borders… It was good and necessary for us to start, for which we are immensely grateful to Andrei,” he said.

Звезды Х-Фактора разорвали сотрудничество с Данилко: что произошло

Moreover, the group also talked about the release of a new song written after a breakup with Danilko.

“All our songs up to this day was English, and fans have long wanted to hear the Mountain Breeze in “plain” language. I promised my brother I’d write a song for one month. When I thought I will not have time to keep my promise, during this period, were such circumstances in life that caused the birth of the song “a Line”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, in the 4th edition of the show “X-factor” 10 spoke Irina Kulishenko — former member of the Ukrainian indie-pop band Panivalkova.(to see the video, decollete the village to the end)

The singer performed the song “L’amant de minuit”. After she received four “Yes”, the girl rushed to hug the members of the jury, and Andriy Danylko took the liberty of: twice placed her hands on her hips.

“Often the people who play the original, puts on his hat. You do it organically, not far-fetched. The idea metronoom who asked you the rhythm, it was very touching. And I think you can be different in this project. I’m telling you Yes,” said Danilko.

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Delighted, the girl rushed to hug and kiss the judges in cheeks. When she approached the 46-year-old singer and producer, he didn’t hold back.

Irina left the stage smiling, but behind the scenes, said his escort, pointing to the hips: “Andrey Danilko me know what you have done? He had me here a little touched”.

Звезды Х-Фактора разорвали сотрудничество с Данилко: что произошло

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