The star of “the real Housewives” going to prison: “real-time”

Звезда «Отчаянных домохозяек» сядет в тюрьму: «реальный срок»

The American court sentenced the movie star felicity Huffman to prison

The reason for such a severe sentence was that Huffman gave a bribe.

On Friday, September 14, a court in Boston (Massachusetts) sentenced the actress felicity Huffman, star of TV series “Desperate Housewives” to prison for bribery for admission of her daughter to College, told CNN.

Звезда «Отчаянных домохозяек» сядет в тюрьму: «реальный срок»

Real jail time for the actress to 14 days.

The court also ordered the movie star to pay a fine in the amount of 30 thousand dollars. Also she will have her public work lasting 250 hours. During the year it will be under special supervision of the authorities. To come to the prison to serve his two weeks, the actress needs October 25.

Recall that the United States shocked high-profile corruption scandal. 50 not poor people, including Hollywood stars, have given a bribe in order for their offspring were placed in a warm place.

In the criminal scheme appears amount of $ 25 million. U.S. Federal prosecutors have indicted dozens of people who generously occlusally a decent amount to ensure that their children had participated in the famous prestigious educational institutions. In particular we are talking about Stanford, Yale and Georgetown universities.

Huffman in may of this year pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud.

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Representatives of the Prosecutor’s office before making the punishment recommended the sentence the actress to jail for a period not less than one month and fined 20 thousand dollars.

Звезда «Отчаянных домохозяек» сядет в тюрьму: «реальный срок»

Huffman and her husband, according to prosecutors, over 15 thousand dollars virtually guaranteed the arrival of their daughter in high school, and spent the bribe money issued in his tax return as a donation to charity.

The number of detainees celebrities were not only Huffman, but also other known in the U.S. actress Lori loughlin (TV’s “Beverly hills 90210”).

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