The star of the father’s daughters showed huge belly, dumbfounded: “Who’s the father?”

Звезда Папиных дочек показала огромный живот, все ошарашены: "Кто отец?"

Star “Daddy’s daughters” pleases fans with the change in appearance. The actress recently published a picture according to which she is soon to give birth

Lisa shared a photo from the tummy of 9 months pregnant in her Instagram. Fueled rumors about the interesting position and the inscription below the post. She noted that “all the best happens unexpectedly”.

Fans immediately thought that would make a continuation “Daddy’s daughters”. This is due to the fact that in the picture standing next to and hugging the tummy Nonna Grishaeva screen mother of Arzamasova. There were those followers of the actress, who actively asked questions like, “who’s the father?” and “why so long concealed the pregnancy?”.

Звезда Папиных дочек показала огромный живот, все ошарашены: "Кто отец?"

Similar photo published in Instagram and Nonna. She said that will soon be a grandmother, but immediately denied the information, adding that it was a joke. Moreover, it is clearly visible that the tummy slip the actress.

As it turned out, the stars of the sitcom “Daddy’s girls” are back together to star in the film “Two diaphragms”.Звезда Папиных дочек показала огромный живот, все ошарашены: "Кто отец?"

Earlier it was reported that the star “Daddy’s daughters” Ekaterina Starshova does not seek to continue the path of a movie star, far from choosing a creative profession. Ekaterina Starshova learned what popularity when she was five years old. The role of Buttons in the TV series “father’s daughter” gave it the form of a cute baby, but the star is tired of reminders about this character.

She admitted that never set a goal to become an actress, and participation in the sitcom combined with intensive trainings — three years, Kate figure skating, having to win the second place at the international festival.

Звезда Папиных дочек показала огромный живот, все ошарашены: "Кто отец?"

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Now Starkovoy is 17 now, and recently she began student life. To the great surprise of fans, the girl did not go on acting the way choosing for themselves far from the creative profession, she joined the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University.

Kate has published a picture on the background of the institution, accompanied by a joyful comment. “The younger pharmacist,” wrote the star.

Recall that the actress “Daddy’s daughters” with a shaved head naked on the yacht.

As he wrote Politeka star “Daddy’s daughters” has changed beyond recognition.

Politeka also reported that Anastasia Sivaev from “Daddy’s daughters” stunned appearance.