The star of Russian cinema had a great grief: “left with nothing”

У звезды российского кино случилось большое горе: «осталась ни с чем»

One of the famous Actresses that played Mary Poppins, got into trouble, which was deprived of resources necessary for life

Actress Natalie Andriychenko, which has gained popularity due to its role as “Mary Poppins,” opened a private school for talented children in Moscow, but her business was illiquid.

У звезды российского кино случилось большое горе: «осталась ни с чем»

Natalie lives in Mexico but frequently visits the capital of the so-called Russia. In the last year she tried on the role of the teacher and of an entrepreneur and decided to open in Moscow school “a World of kindness Mary Poppins”, where I personally was at the opening, but less than a year, the educational institution had to be liquidated.

“The establishment was closed, and the premises is now for rent. Parents were happy, because kids will learn under the tutelage Andreichenko. Natalia has the most eyes were burning from how cool to raise a smart and intelligent child. And teachers proposed major program: choreography, art, natural Sciences… However, summed up the founders: the school was not popular and not profitable. But the star has invested in the project start-up capital in the hope that in the future that will pay off, but left with nothing,” — said former employee of this school.

У звезды российского кино случилось большое горе: «осталась ни с чем»

And the other employee says that the school taught children from 3 to 18 years:

“Before enrolling the child had been interviewed by a psychologist and teacher. The results reported immediately. We were happy polite and well-mannered children, for the idlers of the conditions here. When the student came into our family, it was expected by the basic school program,” said Elena.

The cost of training was $ 67 thousand. Classes began from 8 am and could last until the evening — after the basic lessons of the children attend additional courses. The children painted, sculpted, studied science, choreography. Also the child could stay overnight at the school, there were bedrooms.

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