The star of “let’s get married” tried to kill herself: “I was cutting”

Звезда "Давай поженимся" пыталась наложить на себя руки: "Я себя резала"

Actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva admitted that she had deep depression after the death of his mother from which she was able to survive only thanks to the help of psychologists

In October of last year my mother died Larisa Guzeeva, and for an artist this was a severe blow, informs starhit.

“My mother and I relationship a million times stronger than the other people. It’s some kind of space. Pathologically I loved her,” recalls the actress.

Звезда "Давай поженимся" пыталась наложить на себя руки: "Я себя резала"

After his mother Larisa Guzeeva has lost the strength to move on. Family, children, a successful job — all seemed to have lost meaning.

“Stifled tears. The soul hurts,” wrote the presenter. It is known that the doctors diagnosed her deep depression. She Guzeeva says that out of grief almost decided to commit suicide.

“I was cutting. I’m in bad shape! I head knocking on the wall,” admitted the actress.

To cope with grief, Larisa Guzeeva appealed to psychologists. Now it employs three specialist. Doctors advised her to immediately change your lifestyle and more to please himself with the updates.

So, Guzeeva decided to go to the Crimea. In one of the local clinics star was a nine-day course of rejuvenation. Larisa Guzeeva does not hide that wants to get rid of extra pounds, so turned to the nutritionists.

Звезда "Давай поженимся" пыталась наложить на себя руки: "Я себя резала"

“I am never without medical advice I will not give myself up. 10 pounds shed — 20 recruit with the speed of light. Immediate effect on hunger — it’s all evil” — summed up artist.

Upon returning to Moscow, Larisa Guzeeva has not stopped the experiments over their lives. Recently, she impressed fans with new haircut and hair color. From the burning brunette Larissa turned into a platinum blonde.

Some users criticized the decisive step of the presenter. However, the 59-year-old Larissa Guzeeva has made it clear that she doesn’t care about the opinion of haters, and she feels quite comfortable in his place, what he wishes or else.

“I’m comfortable in my body, at my age and with a new hair color”, — stated the artist.

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As reported Politeka, Larisa Guzeeva responded to all the haters.

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