The star of “Game of thrones” shaved his beard for the first time in 7 years: how he looks now

Звезда "Игры престолов"  сбрил бороду впервые за 7 лет: как сейчас он выглядит

In the Internet appeared the video, where the star of the cult TV series “Game of thrones” Jason Momoa shaves his beard for the first time in seven years

American actor Jason Momoa, who played in the TV series “Game of thrones” dothraki khal Drogo and is also known for the title role in “Aquaman”, shocked fans change their image.

Звезда "Игры престолов"  сбрил бороду впервые за 7 лет: как сейчас он выглядит

Momoa unexpectedly for the first time in the last seven years shaved off my beard.

As it became known, the actor made it on camera, and to attract the audience’s attention to the issues of environmental pollution with plastic.

“So far, Drogo, yet Aquaman! I shave off this beast, as it is necessary to change something. Changes for the better for my children, your children, all over the world. Let’s make a positive change in the health of our planet. Let’s clean out our oceans, our land. Join me in this. Let’s get rid of plastic,” says Jason Momoa in the video.

Fans of the actor with the big enthusiasm have apprehended his appeal, and he admitted that the actor without the beard looks great.

“I like your idea, Jason, but how you look!”, “RIP beard. 2012-2019 “,” You are doing it for a good cause, and I’m proud “, “Without a beard you’re amazing”- comment on a post the followers.

Звезда "Игры престолов"  сбрил бороду впервые за 7 лет: как сейчас он выглядит

Earlier it was reported that the famous actress Sophie Turner, who played Sansa stark in the TV series “Game of Thrones” has admitted that the fans drove her to thoughts of suicide.

“The biggest problem for me – just to get out of bed, to leave home and learn to love yourself. I think that’s the biggest problem,” — said a celebrity.

So, while fans loved Turner and praised her, she felt excited and confident. However, as soon as the fans began to criticize the works of the actress, her appearance and behavior, self-esteem celebrity was at zero.

So, many viewers of the show on social networks left poignant comments, from jokes to direct insults and humiliation. It concerns, more often, assessing the quality of acting, her looks, weight, personal qualities and other things.

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