The star of “Game of thrones” for the first time has shared his impressions of the final: details

Звезда "Игры престолов"  впервые поделилась впечатлениями от финала: подробности

Actress Sophie Turner has shared his impressions of filming the final season of the acclaimed TV series “Game of thrones”

British actress Sophie Turner, who recently married musician Joe Jonas has shared new information about the series finale of “Game of thrones”. According to the singer the role of Sansa stark, the final of 6 series 8 season should disappoint the audience, writes segodnya.

Звезда "Игры престолов"  впервые поделилась впечатлениями от финала: подробности

Sophie Turner said that she was happy with the ending of the Saga, however, doubts that fans of the show will appreciate such a turn.

Also, the actress confessed that for many years grew up together with his character, and now she’s going through an identity crisis, has lost his alter ego in the person of Sansa.

Recall that the completion of the series Emilia Clarke also agreed to give an interview with Entertainment Tonight, in which he spoke about his character and about his future.

“What, what, what, what!? I was amazed. Did not expect this outcome. You are going to ask if I was — as Emilia does not agree with what she did. When I read the script inside of me was a real struggle. In drama school I was taught that my character is always right. My character makes a choice, and I have to agree with him. The actor must never be afraid to look bad. We also have an uglier side. And after 10 years of working on this show, it makes sense. What else could she do? I tried to imagine what the end will be. She’s a Targaryen, it had to happen,” said Clark.

Звезда "Игры престолов"  впервые поделилась впечатлениями от финала: подробности

The artist added that he expected such an outcome. According to her, she felt that her character really cared and it was really “very beautiful and touching ending”.

At this, Emilia said that he hoped that at the last moment, at the moment when daenerys Targaryen dies, the viewer sees that she is that little girl referred to:

“When she dies, you will see there is vulnerability there is a little girl that you met in the first season. See? It’s right here. And now she’s gone… But, I repeat, I support Daenerys. I’m totally with her. I can’t help it,” — said in the conclusion of Emilia Clarke.

Recall that the fans noticed a new unexpected goof in the new series the final season of the popular series “Game of Thrones”.

As reported Politeka, the leader of the white walkers — King of the Night in the TV series “Game of thrones” played by two actors.

Also Politeka wrote that the author of the books, which filmed TV series “Game of thrones”, said that there will be a sequel to the film adaptation of the acclaimed Saga.