The star of “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke has admitted to alcoholism: “it doesn’t get Easier”

Звезда "Игры престолов" Эмилия Кларк призналась в пьянстве: "Легче не становится"

World famous actress Emilia Clarke in a great interview confessed, what was your reaction to the finale of the beloved show

The star of “Game of Thrones” Emilia Clarke playing the role of Daenerys Targaryen, gave an interview in which he spoke about his reaction to the shooting of a beloved show.

According to the actress, she fears the disappointment of fans daily, and also talked about the challenge of this catharsis after reading the series finale. Clark said that after reading the last pages of the script over three hours wandering around London and trying to recover.

Звезда "Игры престолов" Эмилия Кларк призналась в пьянстве: "Легче не становится"

The actress also spoke about the last shooting day.

“That day I realized that alcohol is a powerful depressant! (…) Each actor of the basic structure of such wires received with military honors. But when I took the microphone to say something, I couldn’t even finish the first sentence to my face turned into Niagara falls. My brother was in the crew, he was recording video on the phone, and when showed me the recording, I was like, “Oh, boy, the damn thing because I can’t read what I say there! To cry bitterly, and at the same time speech is a bad idea”. And then David and Dan gave me a farewell dinner, and there I was sitting in an embrace with a glass of wine and complained to everyone around: “I drank so much, why am I not getting better?” Such is a terribly sad story,” she said.

In a recent interview with the main actress of “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke said that he had suffered two cerebral hemorrhages that threatened her with death. Fortunately, nothing happened, but all her family, friends and colleagues were pretty nervous.

Звезда "Игры престолов" Эмилия Кларк призналась в пьянстве: "Легче не становится"

“I had severe bleeding, and doctors said the chances of survival are small. But I pulled through and recovered, despite the bad forecasts,” – says Emilia.

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