The star Friends offered to return to the role in skits for adults

Звезде Друзей предложили вернуться к роли в пародии  для взрослых

For this role, actor David Schwimmer were offered a million dollars. In the tape, he will again play Ross Geller.

Actor David Schwimmer, best known for playing Ross Geller in the sitcom Friends, received an offer to return to the role. However, he will have to take part in the filming of a parody “adult genre”. This writes the Daily Mirror.

According to the publication, in the text of the proposal noted that the dreams of many viewers come true, if Schwimmer to accept the role. For this they are promised a fee in the amount of one million dollars.

It also States that to date, the filmmakers have already found an actress for the role of Rachel green.

Earlier it was reported that the businessman Elon musk was invited to play in the “adult film”. Received an offer from the CEO of XBlaze.

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