The staff of Notre Dame announced unexpected details: lost precious time

Сотрудники Нотр-Дама сообщили неожиданные подробности: было утрачено драгоценное время

The staff of the Notre Dame de Paris on the day of the fire thought that the fire alarm went off mistakenly

On Monday at 18:20 local time in the Cathedral of Notre Dame work the first alarm.

Сотрудники Нотр-Дама сообщили неожиданные подробности: было утрачено драгоценное время


Recalls organist Johann Vezo, the staff of the temple is 23 minutes looking for the source of the fire, as not even felt the smell of smoke.

These minutes were fatal for the Cathedral.

As reported by the Prosecutor of Paris, visitors began to evacuate after the first signal, and at 18:43, after the second, failed to establish that the fire started on the top floor.

Recall that the techs working on the fire place in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, called the probable cause of the incident

Сотрудники Нотр-Дама сообщили неожиданные подробности: было утрачено драгоценное время

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, according to experts the fire was located at the base of the spire.

According to experts, the cause of the fire was an electrical problem. However, because of exactly what kind of problems there was a fire in Notre-Dame de Paris, they said.

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame broke out the evening of April 15. Previously, the tragedy occurred due to restoration work which began here in early April. However, what was the cause of the incident is still unknown. According to preliminary information, ignited the wooden scaffolding that was installed on the upper level of the Cathedral.

In the end, the fire spread not only outside but also inside the Cathedral. The result was a destroyed the upper part of the spire, clock and a large part of the temple’s roof is also badly damaged stained glass Windows. Meanwhile managed to save part of the shrines, especially the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ, the tunic of St. Louis and a few pictures, but “the large canvases to make it impossible.”

As of the morning of April 16, a fire in a Notre Dame managed to eliminate. His difficulty was that the fire covered part of the Cathedral, which is located at a high altitude. In addition, for the extinguishing of fire were not able to use the aircraft, as in this case, the whole design of the Cathedral could collapse completely.

The tragedy in Paris reacted wealthy people. Now continues the collection of funds for the restoration of Notre Dame, which was initiated by the President of France Emmanuel macron. The family of French billionaire Pinault, who owns Christie’s auction house and the fashion brands, including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, has already pledged 100 million euros. Also the amount of 200 million should be provided by the President of the group Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault and 100 million Euro will allocate the French multinational oil and gas company Total. According to Macron, the Cathedral should be restored within the next 5 years.

Recall that the famous model with tears in the eyes told of the tragedy at Notre Dame: “It’s terrible”.

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