The spy who is always with you: how Google watches users

The value of the geolocation feature phones are still dual-location tracking provides people with both a convenience and safety, and the complete destruction of the boundaries of personal space

Шпион, который всегда с тобой: как Google следит за пользователями

It turned out that Google tracks history of user movement, even if he has disabled data transfer on your location in the settings. Journalists Western publications conducted an investigation and found that this is true for Google apps, designed for devices based on Android and iPhone.

Some Google applications for mobile devices such as maps, browser, music and even the keyboard and Keep notes, ask for user’s permission to track his whereabouts. However, as a smartphone, and in your account of Google account is set to disable detection of the user’s location and keep a history of the user movement. If the user will allow you to monitor their whereabouts, for example, Google Maps will show him his timeline for the day.

Шпион, который всегда с тобой: как Google следит за пользователямиBut it turned out that the off setting does not affect the tracking of the user. As found by the employees of AP, Google Maps determines the location of the user at the time when he opens the app, and stores this information. Retain the location of the device owner even some applications that work correctly, the geolocation is not required. This information was confirmed by experts in the field of computer science from Princeton University. In proof of his innocence, the journalists, the AP has published a map of the movement of post-graduate, Princeton, who went with an Android device is turned off geolocation.

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Google representatives responded that gather information about the user’s location is not only geo and the history of the user movement, but also on the basis of the history of web search and apps and geolocation services on the device itself. To prohibit the company to collect all this data, representatives of the company, the user needs in addition to geolocation, to turn off saving the history, application and web search. Stored location data, the user can find on his account page at: It is worth noting that location data can be stored and under headings that do not have at first glance, the relationship to geolocation.Шпион, который всегда с тобой: как Google следит за пользователямиLast year the journalists Quartz found that Android devices in the background to collect information on the location of the user even if the device is switched off GPS and the SIM card is absent. Then, Google promised to rectify the situation. But in the spring of 2018 it turned out that Google without your knowledge, sends information about his whereabouts to the police.

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