The split in ptsu, Epiphany revealed all the cards in the scandal, Filaret: “Humiliated”

Раскол в ПЦУ, Епифаний раскрыл все карты в скандале с Филаретом: "Унижал"

New details emerged of the scandal of the Church around ptsu

As it turned out, the Patriarch pressed on the Primate of the newly created PCU Epiphany and put him ultimatums.

This was the Epiphany said in an interview with reporters, the BBC reported.

Раскол в ПЦУ, Епифаний раскрыл все карты в скандале с Филаретом: "Унижал"

According to him, Filaret their ultimatums insulted him as Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

“In General, I don’t ignore his opinion, I often spoke with him and communicate. But you need to understand the format of communication. You need to understand the difference between advice and ultimatums. When dealing with an honorary Patriarch Filaret, I have repeatedly stressed this to him — I am willing to listen to his advice. Because really he has extensive experience in the leadership of the Church over half a century. But I’m not willing to comply with certain ultimatums,” he explained.

Metropolitan Epiphanius also said that Filaret did not want to change the system of government in the Ukrainian Church, and “to keep everything only in conquering the will of one person”.

“Personally, I have no right to change what was decided collectively by the Council. So I listened, I talked, but this time to a certain extent even a humiliation to me as the head of the Church because of pressure and demands that are incompatible with the Charter and Tomos. But, in spite of everything, I for the sake of peace and unity have done and continue to do everything I can to have a good” — said the head of the DNC.

Раскол в ПЦУ, Епифаний раскрыл все карты в скандале с Филаретом: "Унижал"

Epiphanius also stated that no promises regarding what is actually a new Church in Ukraine will manage Filaret, he did not give.

“I was elected by a majority vote at the unity Cathedral and accepted it as a manifestation of the will of God, therefore, as the Primate must adhere to the canonical order, the Charter and norms of Thomas. I have no right to violate them, satisfying the desire of a Bishop of our Church,” he said in an interview.

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