The spinach turned out to be harmful to health

Шпинат оказался вредным для здоровья

Named vegetables, which contain the greatest amount of nitrates

The greatest amount of nitrates, despite popular belief, are not in watermelons and melons. In addition, harm from them is also not always the case.

These results were published on the website of the Ministry of health of Ukraine in Facebook.

Шпинат оказался вредным для здоровья

Nitrates — salts of nitric acid, also called saltpeter. They are part of most of the plants and soil.

In small doses, these substances are not dangerous, but can accumulate in the body and do harm to health. However, the watermelons, which are often accused of food poisoning, are not included in the top most dangerous plants.

“Most of the nitrate is spinach, celery, Kale and table beets,” explained the doctors.

In order to reduce the risk of the use of salts of nitric acid, eat less vegetables, berries and fruits of the first harvest. Try not to eat those parts of plants, which traditionally contains higher amounts of nitrates. Cut the top and bottom of the beets, the zucchini skins, tails and peel cucumbers and radishes.

Cabbage tear off the top sheets and dispose of Kachan. Watermelons and melons most of the harmful substances collected in the pulp, which is closest to the skin.

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Remember that the ready-made vegetables less nitrate than raw: 40-50 minutes of cooking, their number is reduced to 80%.

Шпинат оказался вредным для здоровья

Doctors also said that the use of purchased the nitrate tests are useless — they don’t work as it should.

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Healthy mind of a person depends not only from various stress factors, but also from foods you eat. Those people who consume more foods in their natural raw form, have higher levels of mental well-being. To such conclusion scientists from new Zealand’s University of Otago.

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