The special status of Donbass: surfaced the whole truth about the “formula Steinmeier”

Особый статус Донбасса: всплыла вся правда о "формуле Штайнмайера"

The trilateral contact group in Minsk agreed on the final text “of the formula Steinmeier” in the wording which was proposed in September, but the signing of the document was not

This is referred to in the article “Steinmeier in the law: agreed Kyiv and is there a “formula” the withdrawal of Russian troops”.

The text of a formula agreed on in September. All it showed foreign Minister Vadym Prystayko. It is reported, when will earn the law on the special status ORDO.

Through the document it became known that the law shall come into force at 20:00 local time on the day of voting in early local elections in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

He will act on a temporary basis until the day of publication of the final findings of the OSCE-ODIHR election observation. This should be complied with international standards for democratic elections, as well as Ukrainian legislation.

Особый статус Донбасса: всплыла вся правда о "формуле Штайнмайера"

Also clarifies that this law continue to be valid on a permanent basis if in the final report of the OSCE will be said that early local elections in certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions were generally in accordance with OSCE standards and Ukrainian legislation.

According to journalists, October 1 the formula was agreed upon in that edition.

On September 18 the meeting in Minsk Ukraine claims was not so much the content of the text of the document as its design. The Russian side wanted under the “formula” was signed by representative in Kiev and representatives of Pro-Russian puppet “governments” in Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukrainian authorities objected.

Особый статус Донбасса: всплыла вся правда о "формуле Штайнмайера"

Also earlier it was reported that representatives of Ukraine signed the so-called “formula Steinmeier” at the talks in Minsk.

An important decision in the Donbas was adopted on 1 October. As it became known, at the meeting of the Contact group in Minsk, the Ukrainian delegation signed the “formula Steinmeier”.

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This was reported by the Russian edition of “TASS”, sharing the details of signing the document:

“Leonid Kuchma, representing the meeting of the official Kiev signed the document agreed earlier by the advisers to the heads of “Norman four”.

Особый статус Донбасса: всплыла вся правда о "формуле Штайнмайера"

In addition, the contact group had agreed on terms for the withdrawal of forces in two pilot sites in the Donbass. However, the issue of exchange of prisoners at the meeting was not raised.

Recall that the return of the Donbass very close, called nuances: “you can capture any part of the territory.”

As reported Politeka, the return of Donbass: the EU has taken an unexpected step.

Also Politeka wrote that the strongest ally of Ukraine has set Zelensky to a standstill due to the Donbass.