The SPA is takers for his pitbulls

malgre-tout-pu-dire-ecrire(Sherbrooke) Despite all that could be said and written about the pitbulls in recent weeks, the Humane Society (SPA) of the Estrie has no problem to pass the dogs of this breed.

Since June 16, five pit bulls from purebred and crossbred found masters. A situation that does not surprise Cathy Bergeron, spokesperson of the Eastern Townships SPA.

“There are people who like pitbulls, she says. He said so much about this race in recent weeks. You have to separate things. ”

“We had five pitbulls for adoption, but the fact remains. They were all adopted. ”

The debate rages in Quebec for the presence of this race in the cities. The Quebec government plans to ban them. A “sense of urgency” won Couillard government with the proliferation of headlines about incidents involving pit bulls.

On June 8, a pit bull attacked a woman in a backyard of Pointe-aux-Trembles. The lady of 55 years died.

Other cases were publicized attack, including one in the Sainte-Adele area in the Laurentians.

In Sherbrooke, it was decreed that the big dogs should wear a halter.


According to Bergeron, adoption protocol is in force for many years to the SPA. “Before being adopted, the animal is assessed. It should not show anxiety or signs of aggression, “she explains.

“We evaluate a lot of things like behavior and health. ”

We also want to know more about the future master, adds Cathy Bergeron. “We always want to make the perfect match. We will not provide adoption a very active dog to someone sedentary, “she said.

“We ask questions to the person as his lifestyle and budget. ”

In 2015, the SPA had received eight pit bulls before the moving period, compared with five this year.

Euthanasia ordered in Weedon

Furthermore, a pitbull dog will be euthanized after biting a child Weedon last few days. According to the municipal inspector Nicolas Blouin, had to take this decision after seeking an assessment of the beast. “The report of the expert shows that the animal is still at risk,” says he.

“The animal had bitten a child on St-Janvier. Fortunately, the child will not keep sequelae. ”

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