The son of the “bumps” of the militants mysteriously parted with life: “took a while”

Сын «шишки» боевиков таинственно распрощался с жизнью: «Нашли не сразу»

On the territory of the occupied Donbas under mysterious circumstances, was killed by the son of the local “bumps”

About it reports a local portal

“Killed by Evgeny Alipov — son of Alexander alipova, acting head of the Republican tariff service of “DNR”, and before that was Deputy mayor of Gorlovka. Until 2014, Yevgeniy Alipov, General Director of the wholesale market “Proprietor”, what did you do with 2014 – unknown”, — stated in the message.

Сын «шишки» боевиков таинственно распрощался с жизнью: «Нашли не сразу»

At the same time, local journalists said that the murder occurred under very mysterious circumstances.

“Son alipova at the beginning of may this year, shot in the head in his apartment. They buried him in Donetsk”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, the man who was shot by the neighbor-teenager in Pavlograd left three children. These kids will never see their father murdered their mother. 16-year-old student shot and killed a neighbor. The victim’s family hopes that the killer will be punished under the law, despite the respect of his senior relatives.

Widow Svetlana was a witness to the incident. She told me that on the way from the pasture, the young man began to quarrel with her husband due to the fact that he was going to watch birds. The quarrel did not last long, a minute later a shot rang out. When she ran to his wife, he was already lying on the ground.

Half an hour later the shooter was arrested, during a search found the starting weapons 9mm caliber. However, the official cause of death was concussion of the brain, which arose under the influence of the powder gases. Relatives of the victim believe the conclusion is falsified. They believe that here has not done without influence of the father of the gunman, a former law enforcement officer.

Neighbors said that the former strongman has repeatedly threatened to use its Arsenal of weapons. He was known throughout the County for its intolerant attitude towards the Ukrainians and the son was brought up in the same spirit.

Neighbors say that the father of the killer was punished son that Ukrainians are the enemy who must be destroyed.

Despite the efforts of advocates, now the minor shooter was arrested and will remain in detention for two months. For the murder of a neighbor he faces 7 to 15 years of imprisonment.

Сын «шишки» боевиков таинственно распрощался с жизнью: «Нашли не сразу»

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