The son of Poroshenko refused to speak Ukrainian! Scandalous video leaked…this is zrada

Сын Порошенко отказался говорить на украинском! Скандальное видео попало в сеть...Вот это зрада

The youngest son of ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Michael spoke to reporters about the Russian language during a rally under the building of the RRT

The young man admitted that communicates in Russian and refused to speak Ukrainian, because many of his associates also speak the language of the aggressor.

To a journalist’s question about whether he knows the Ukrainian language, Misha Poroshenko said the following:

“Of course, I can speak in Ukrainian but I speak Russian at home speak Ukrainian”.

In the network, the Ukrainians resented the fact that the ex-Garant, which has elevated the Ukrainian language and taught her son to talk to him. This drew the attention in Facebook journalist Vladimir Tymofiychuk.

“And you know, it would be so disgusting didn’t look as if this was not speculated the ex. hydrant. Calling Russian-speaking Ukrainians agents of the Kremlin, teaching them how to communicate in the state language, he himself his own son is not taught “the Nightingale”. Here you have army, faith, and language”, — the journalist wrote.

In comments Ukrainians just blew a gasket:

“The President’s son does not know the state language! Shame shame”, “It’s proof of all the previous adherents of the guarantor that the MOV had elected PR” “On the bench the father and mother with my older brother, and you, ATO”, wrote the indignant users.

Сын Порошенко отказался говорить на украинском! Скандальное видео попало в сеть...Вот это зрада

Сын Порошенко отказался говорить на украинском! Скандальное видео попало в сеть...Вот это зрада

August 12 in Kiev, near the State Bureau of investigation of Petro Poroshenko unknown tried to throw eggs.

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The attackers got into a few journalists, ex-the guarantor was left unharmed.

From the beginning of the questioning of Poroshenko’s actions were held near the building of the RRT in support of ex-President of Ukraine and against it. Among the protesters were the children of Peter I, who spoke in support of it.

When Petro Poroshenko has left the building the State Bureau of investigation, unknown persons attempted to throw eggs at him, but was involved mainly in the media representative.

After this incident, the police intervened and the attackers fled from the scene. Petro Poroshenko managed to get in the car.

Recall, Poroshenko has appeared for questioning in the RRG, and not himself.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky had their way, the scandal in the West of Ukraine became a Grand success details.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko has found a way to get out of prison and turned to my worst enemy.