The singer Pierre Lalonde died

1216599That’s when his popular song It’s vacation time resonates in the head and in the heart of many Quebecers that the singer and entertainer Pierre Lalonde passed away after a long illness.

Pierre Lalonde died Tuesday at the age of 75, his agent confirmed Wednesday, Ginette Achim. He was suffering from Parkinson’s disease since the age of 69.

Dr. Achim said the singer had died peacefully, surrounded by his family.

Born January 20, 1941, little Pierre Lalonde was quick to follow in the footsteps of his father, host and actor Jean Lalonde, and engage in the world of show business. From the age of 4, he sings on CKAC, the Cafe Concert Kraft broadcast.

After studying theater in the United States, he returned to Quebec in 1960, where he became the host of the popular show youth today, first with Joël Denis, then solo. His voice and charm make him the idol of a whole generation who will not miss an episode of the show in which Lalonde received the stars of the time, Jenny Rock to Classels through Michèle Richard, Tony Roman and Caesar and the Romans.

“When we moved to Youth Today, we were sure it was a success with our song,” recalled Michel Louvain, in an interview with The Canadian Press. The singer, visibly upset by the death of the one he calls a monument, also used the word “gentleman” to describe his friend. The officer Ginette Achim described the same way.

“There were plenty of attention, always distinguished, he was a gentleman,” she said.

The first LP of Pierre Lalonde, in other words, appears in 1963. The singer will be named discovery of the year at the Artists Gala that same year. He will know many successes over the next two decades, especially with songs like It’s vacation time, Give me your mouth and we’re in the wind.

There will also experience some success in the United States under the name of Peter Martin, thanks to an album, Introducing Peter Martin, and a television show, The Peter Martin Show.

“It was much amused. He had all the casualness of a young American because he studied in the United States, so it was a different culture of Quebecers, “he told the singer Michèle Richard, who considered him a personal friend.

In the late 1970s and in the 1980s, although he continued to sing, Pierre Lalonde turns more towards animation. This will include the stand of Peter, John and Showbizz chatter, Mad Dash quiz (1979), Pierre Lalonde Show, Action Reaction game and variety show Star for a night. This does not prevent to the stage, particularly within 3 L – to Lalonde, and Leuven (Donald) Lautrec – with whom he will tour.

Younger will remember for their part in his voice at the opening of the comedy show Infoman, he sang the first tune.

In 2011, he was honored at the National Assembly, who presented his Medal of Honor.

“It was a life magician” exclaimed Michèle Richard. For her, the death of Pierre Lalonde, “is a part of life that goes.”

“But it’s everybody loses something today,” she said.

“The idol of a generation”

Several celebrities have turned to social media to express their sadness at the death of Pierre Lalonde.

The Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has described the singer and host as “the idol of a generation” and his culture minister, Luc Fortin, spoke of “a single singer who scored the memories.”

André Ducharme had imitated Pierre Lalonde at the time of RBO, including a parody of the television Action Reaction play. “RIP Pierre Lalonde. MY childhood idol. And, much later, occasional golf partner, “he wrote on Twitter.

“Pierre Lalonde died. Part of my childhood flies with him. I have an action / reaction of sadness. Condolences to the family, “meanwhile written his colleague RBO, Guy A. Lepage.

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