The singer Nyusha has published in Instagram photo, which feeds her daughter

Jane continues to enjoy the pleasures of materinstva in Sunny Miami. The singer decided to share with the fans of another photo, published on Instagram a shot of her feeding daughter.

Jane gave birth to first child not so long ago – in November 2018. Before birth, the singer moved to Miami, where he continues to reside today.

Anna Shurochkina immediately after birth, began to bring her figure in shape. However the issue of caring for daughter Nyusha prefers breastfeeding.

It is possible to conclude by looking at one of the last publications of the singer in the social network Instagram. Nyusha published a photo where feeds her daughter.

In the picture Nyusha depicted sitting on a chair with a two-month baby on her hands. However, your daughter’s face, the singer hid under a bright cloth.

“A real miracle”, is briefly signed publishing artist.
Fans were delighted with such a touching publication Nyusha. Most followers praised Anna for the fact that he prefers breast feeding and not a special blend for kids.

In addition, Shurochkina is not in a hurry to get out of the decree and to get back to work, devoting all his spare time to his family.

“This is the greatest happiness to feed ….”, “Amazing shot!!!!”, “How nice”, “really cute”, “How are you going to be a mom “, “breastfeeding?all done!!”, “How cool!”, – admire the fans Nyusha.
However, in the tape run and negative comments. Someone had decided that the photo is photoshopped. And the other called Anne a milkmaid.

However, negative feedback is still much less than positive. And the photo itself is Nyushi, which feeds her daughter, the day brought together nearly 200 thousand likes.

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