The signs of the Zodiac with which it is most difficult to build relationships

Знаки Зодиака, с которыми сложнее всего построить отношения

Among all the zodiac signs there are those people who have a relatively difficult character, and this complicates the process of building relationships and interaction with their partner. It may be the desire to dominate, heightened emotionality, aggression, or incontinence. If you are one of these Zodiac signs?

1. Virgin

Virgo is a very self-sufficient sign that he is trying to set the direction of their relations. On a date with a Virgin you can feel as if you are hired with mandatory probationary period. In addition, virgin is extremely curious and inquisitive, as if she collects you a detailed dossier. And the man of this sign is prone to subjectivity and coldness. The virgin often holds their partner at arm’s length, trying not to particularly him to open up, but at the same time strongly controls it.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio in a relationship is fire and ice. He can be very affectionate with you, and the next minute completely withdrawn and reclusive. It is very difficult to keep up with the man, whose thoughts and mood swings you do not understand. And what’s worse, the Scorpion is almost impossible to read, so he’s canny. This sign is kept somewhat aloof, protecting your heart and inner world, because the partner is simply impossible to break through his hard outer shell. Scorpio can also be very emotionally unstable and unpredictable

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius – not a fan of the obligations and affection, believing that this limits his freedom and puts the shackles on him. He likes a little flirtation, a fountain of emotion, but no responsibility. From this sign it seems very superficial, impulsive and frivolous man, who in the midst of the novel is able suddenly disappear with no explanation and for all. From the beginning of the relationship Sagittarius does not confer on them any hopes and expectations – for it is just a pleasant and fun pastime.

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4. Capricorn

To be honest, Capricorn would be much easier in a relationship if he does not behave with excessive caution and foresight. His cold calculation and practicality is of excellent quality in other situations, but not in love. Capricorn stingy with emotions, he is calm and cool. Sometimes a date with him is more like a interview than a romantic meeting. He’s methodical and calm like a robot because he trusts my head much more than the heart.

5. Aquarius

Aquarius is the most independent sign, and to extremes. It’s a very private and even aloof person, preferring to be alone than vulnerable and open to partner. It is clear that Aquarius would like to protect yourself from pain, resentment or misunderstanding, but this behavior is making it insanely difficult person in communication. His detached attitude and ostentatious indifference alienates people, although deep down Aquarius madly in love and warmth.

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