The shooting of the truck APU surfaced the scandalous details of the tragedy: “could have been avoided…”

Расстрел грузовика ВСУ, всплыли скандальные детали трагедии: "можно было избежать..."

There are new details of the shelling of the military column, which killed a soldier of APU

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It is reported that the head of the Donetsk region Pavel Kirilenko not agreed on its journey to “zero” with the headquarters of the OOS, of what caused this tragedy.

Расстрел грузовика ВСУ, всплыли скандальные детали трагедии: "можно было избежать..."

“A few hours, when I went to information from the field became fully understandable and circumstances. Kirilenko without coordination with the headquarters of the environmental protection carried out the trip to the frontline areas – in addition to Granite, he also planned to visit Marinka and Krasnogorovka. And here after a meeting with the local authorities, the convoy of seven SUVs appeared in the checkpoint already on the outskirts of the village. Local know how obelisk – monument of the “lorry”, — says the publication.

According to journalists, to meet the military convoy was driving 406 TIMES-St artillery brigade of the General-cornet of the center. The truck began to pass the car, followed by the fatal shot of anti-tank.

“Naturally, the car was a little to the side, letting “chlenovoz”. And at that moment the gunmen start ATGM. As a result, the car caught fire in the back killed Junior Sergeant Anton Fuck, another soldier was wounded,” — says the journalists.

“A lot of questions – how coordinated with the military was the trip of the CAA? Why the press service of the wasps in hot pursuit has not confirmed the fact of falling under the shelling of civilians? In any case have a virtually “out of the blue” losses that could be avoided,” — says the publication.

Расстрел грузовика ВСУ, всплыли скандальные детали трагедии: "можно было избежать..."

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As we previously reported, the Donbass invaders cynically fired on a military convoy, which was the car of the head of the Donetsk region Pavel Kirilenko. The incident occurred July 10 on the outskirts of the village of Granite in the direction of PPC “Gnutova”. As a result of getting anti-tank guided missile in a truck killed one soldier. Another soldier was injured. The car of the Chairman of Donetsk regional state administration, who was standing nearby, was not injured.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky commented on the deadly attack on the car of the APU Donetsk militants. According to Zelensky, the firing of a vehicle of Armed forces of Ukraine in the village of Granite – is an attempt to disrupt the Minsk process and jeopardize the resumption of negotiations in Norman format.

Recall that the Ukrainian defenders of a powerful explosion destroyed a “zoo” of militants under Gorlovka.

As reported Politeka, the fighters covered with fire Mat: many wounded, the details of the hellish massacre in EP.

Also Politeka wrote that named the real reason for the war in the Donbass, “people explained that…”.