The ship with the people left under water: the cause of the tragedy

Корабль с людьми ушел под воду: названа причина трагедии

First who rushed to save people, was the local fishermen

The wreck happened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the night from 15 to 16 April.

In the East of the country on lake Kivu sank the ship, which was carrying people. It is reported that the boat was overcrowded. The exact number of passengers who were at the time of the tragedy on the ship is unknown. We are talking about the approximate number is more than 150 people.

Корабль с людьми ушел под воду: названа причина трагедии

It is reported that managed to rescue 37 passengers, 13 people were killed and 142 were missing.

The President of the country Feliks Tshisekedi noted that the vessel had life jackets. He also added that the ship was “in a deplorable state”. Tshisekedi blamed the owners of the boat, as they “use the worn out boats because of their greed.”

A fatal crash on the boats in the Congo happen quite often. The main reason for the overload.

We will do everything so that such tragedies do not recur,” said the President.

As previously reported, in the Baltic sea there was a shipwreck. In the result of collision of two boats injured 15 people.

Raba cargo ship with a length of 81 meters under the Cyprus flag and Speedster Bor World with a length of 31 meters under the Danish flag, collided in the open sea near the island of rügen (Germany). In the clash affected people.

All injured 15 people, four of them are in serious condition. Their helicopter was taken to the hospital. It is reported that the wounded were evacuated from the ships via air stairs.

Корабль с людьми ушел под воду: названа причина трагедии

Experts note that given the damage, we can say that the ship World Bora rammed Raba. It is reported that the fuel in the sea has flowed out.

According to the weather station Hiddensee, at the time of the accident the sea was overcast, it was raining.

Recall that just two ship was wrecked, the death toll exceeded 100: “there is no Hope”.

As reported Politeka, a ship from the Crimea, was wrecked in the Black sea: “the curse”, there was footage of the incident.

Also Politeka wrote that terrible incident occurred in a tourist Paradise: the ship sank with dozens of people who appeared the first pictures.