The ship crashes in the middle of the sea: “hundreds of people praying for salvation”, the details of the tragedy

Судно терпит крушение посреди моря: «сотни людей молятся о спасении», подробности трагедии

Help, stuck in the middle of the sea the ship arrived trade ship, but the rescue becomes complicated weather conditions, it is unknown over whether the rescue safely

The Italian ship was carrying 250 passengers and 90 crew members (340 people), but suffered technical problems on the way to the Croatian port of Split, near the Kornati archipelago in the Adriatic sea. Weather conditions hamper the rescue operation.

Edition of Radio Freedom reports that victims on the ship “Aurelia,” no.

A passenger ship was coming from Ancona to the Italian resort town in Croatia. According to reports, the problem arose with the engines of the ship. Due to the bad weather the small rescue ships were forced to sail back to the Marina and not getting to the ship.

“The biggest problem is that we don’t get any official information, so there are various untested theories. We just hope that everything will be solved quickly,” — said one of the passengers of the ship.

To help passengers arrived trade ship that protects the liner from the waves. From the pier in Zadar, sent a tugboat that was supposed to bring the liner to split. The ship was supposed to arrive in split in the morning in seven hours.

Судно терпит крушение посреди моря: «сотни людей молятся о спасении», подробности трагедии

Also earlier it was reported that in the Black sea spotted a Russian warship, armed with which there were anti-aircraft missile system. It is reported that the Russian patrol ship, the Inquisitive opened fire at naval targets with anti-aircraft missile system OSA.

As you know, the occupation of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation decided to hold the next firing range in the Black sea. So, for the exercises were attracted by patrol ship, the Inquisitive, the arms of which is SAM.

“During doctrines on warfare a single ship crew marine ground combat training held a preparatory credits and artillery fire at naval targets, completed the exercise “shooting floating mines” and struck the marine target two missiles anti-aircraft missile system OSA”, — is spoken in the message published by the occupation of the defense Ministry.

Судно терпит крушение посреди моря: «сотни людей молятся о спасении», подробности трагедии

Recall that a major Maritime disaster could claim the lives of at least 30 people.

In the Caribbean sea sank the ship while missing are 33 people.

The ship “Yonaily José”, owned by Venezuela, crashed in the waters of the Caribbean sea. It is sent from the Venezuelan city Guiria in Trinidad and Tobago and capsized off the island of Patos. Aboard the ship there were 30 persons.

After the ship sank, rescuers managed to find two people.

We will remind, recently Russian ship flared like a torch: it’s all smoke.

As reported Politeka, “drunk” ship from Russia rammed the bridge: in the network appeared the scandalous video.

Also Politeka wrote that the destructive nature struck passers-by near Kiev.