The Shawinigan convention center passes into the hands of the Auberge Gouverneur

avec-auberge-gouverneur-restaurant-pacini(Shawinigan) When he moved to Shawinigan to announce the arrival of a Pacini restaurant at Auberge Gouverneur December 9, the company president had described Sonia Tremblay, after negotiations 18 months: performance demanding and focused on the details.

The mayor, Michel Angers, was sitting in the room and he nodded his head in approval. He knew a lot about the negotiating skills of the owner of the Auberge Gouverneur since at the same time, the City and Shawinigan Development Company entered the final stretch of negotiations to cede the convention center.

The investment of $ 1.2 million to attract Pacini has received much attention since the beginning of the year, but the tough business woman has made another big blow in the same period. An amount roughly equivalent, or $ 1.250 million, it acquired the convention center, parking lots and various courses around the building.

Shawinigan Development Corporation ceded by emphyteusis, the convention center of the management contract with the company numbers owner of hotel establishment in 1997. This agreement was canceled as a result of the sale, become the official 17 December.

That’s not all. Given everything that was brewing, Ms. Tremblay was seeking a long-term contract of employment with employees who had just joined a new accreditation, the Independent Federation of Autonomous Trade Unions. Challenge met for those working in the restoration, the priority in the context, since the new collective agreement covers the period from March 18, 2016 to March 31, 2021. Negotiations continue with the accommodation sector.

The businesswoman has taken control of the situation by becoming the sole shareholder of the Auberge Gouverneur in July 2015. In recent years she had refused three bids. Also owns Le Vincent in Quebec, it was long believed that the future would flourish in the old capital, where she came close to buying a second establishment in 2014. Today, Shawinigan lot occupies more space than expected.

“In Quebec, if I create 150 jobs, I do not make the difference,” she reflects. “Here, I can do it. I felt that I could become an employer brand. ”

In fact, the Auberge Gouverneur and Pacini currently employ 145 people, double compared to last year at this time. At least a quarter of a million dollars have also been invested in staff training, equipment and to refresh the main entrance of the hotel.

Congress Centre
The ability to draw in Shawinigan Pacini was a trigger, but the long lease with the SDS to the convention center represented the elephant in the room.

The management agreement including rent on the ground and a discount on turnover, should be reviewed in 2020 and this annoyed the question mark businesswoman.

“I had to negotiate a fee for the future without knowing whether it would be profitable!” Says Tremblay. “We also wanted to clear titles. For parking, for example, the City shoveled part and I had to shovel the other. I mingled and yet I was home! ”

Grueling, recent months have however reassured Ms. Tremblay. His community involvement may even increase.

“I am now ready to look at other investments in Shawinigan …”

We never expected to hear it from the mouth of a woman very critical to the location of the town hall, the Local Development Centre or the Tourist Office, fairs and congresses because the actors n ‘not moving at speed or they adopted questionable directions. Even Robert Trudel, the Energy City, tasted his fiery character.

“Today, I expect more after person,” she smiled. “I’m doing my business, I work with my team. In fifteen years, matures! Then a wave of love, it feels good. The people of Shawinigan have liked me to invest. The answer is reassuring and I’m so happy! ”

“I trust. CGI is big and it moves with Nemaska. Plant closures are behind us. I suffered like everyone else, as I suffered during work downtown. The restaurant also change my private income for three months. But I think I fell for better jump. I am one of those who will look forward to experience the excitement that awaits us. ”

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