The shaman is afraid of Putin himself, waiting for the worst: “He faces…”

Шамана, которого боялся сам Путин, ждет страшное: «Ему грозит…»

In the Russian Federation, the shaman, who walked from Yakutia to kick Vladimir Putin out of the Kremlin, became the figurant of criminal case

This was reported by coordinator of the movement “Open Russia” Alexey Pryanishnikov, reports “Siberia.Realities”.

So, the man is suspected of public incitement to extremist activities.

“According to this article, he faces up to four years. After the arrest, they promised to release him under his own recognizance in exchange for something that he will sign a voluntary consent to the examination in the mental hospital. Of course, this is illegal — they had to require examination of through the court. Plus it’s a night of detention and the failure of all agencies — the FSB, MVD, then — to answer our inquiries about the whereabouts of TM, that is actually trying to hide — an absolute violation,” he said.

Шамана, которого боялся сам Путин, ждет страшное: «Ему грозит…»

Now, the job of a shaman from Yakutia employed two lawyers. They plan to file a disclaimer to be screened.

And in the international human rights organization Amnesty International arrested a man named a prisoner of conscience, therefore, require his release.

As previously reported, it became known about the further fate of shaman Alexander Gabysheva, who was going “to expel from the Kremlin,” Russian President Vladimir Putin

Thus, the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has decided destiny of a shaman from Yakutia, who were detained on the eve in the territory of Buryatia allegedly for the crime in one of the Russian regions.

Today it became known that the shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who promised to “banish Putin” was delivered to Yakutsk.

This information was officially confirmed to journalists in a press-service of the regional government.

According to representatives of the Ministry of health of Yakutia, shaman Alexander Gabyshev was sent to a mental hospital of the country, where his attitude will hold “expert events”. However, local officials called it a “self-proclaimed shaman”.

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“Psychiatric diagnosis is based on a conversation with the patient, clarifying the history of life and disease,” — said in the message.

The Ministry also said that the shaman Alexander Gabyshev “will render the qualified medical aid” in that case, if he supposedly finds “pathology”

Шамана, которого боялся сам Путин, ждет страшное: «Ему грозит…»

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As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

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