The series on the “Lord of the rings” to be filmed in New Zealand

Сериал по «Властелину колец» снимут в Новой Зеландии

While some detailed information about the new ambitious project Amazon, the series on the “Lord of the rings”, yet, but unofficially, the new parts appear one after the other. Thus, in particular, recently there were two news regarding the series – as usual, good and bad.

The bad is that the premiere of “serials” Lord of the rings can not be expected before 2021, the good that to make a project, like all previous films in the universe John. R. R. Tolkien, will be in New Zealand. Head Amazon Jennifer Salk said that the direct production of the series is scheduled to begin in two years – with an eye to the premiere in 2021.

However, Jennifer pointed out that some want to release the series in 2020.

Earlier there were rumors that the first season of the series on the “Lord of the rings” will be dedicated to the youth of Aragorn. These rumors Salk did not comment, but noted that Amazon is not going to do a remake of the movies – and, at the same time, is not going to “start from scratch”. You should not wait and format of the anthology, which is used, for example, in the well-known “American horror story” – no matter how many seasons in the end neither had of the series, this will be one global history.

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