The secrets of uncle Scrooge or how to live on one salary

Young people are one-on-one with a small salary and great prices in stores (incredible amounts of receipts of payment for communal) sooner or later begin to think about saving. Hard and merciless.

Секрети дядечка Скруджа або як прожити на одну зарплату

From the advance to pay enough money, but rather rarely. Why? How to fix the situation? The answer can only be one who lived in the same conditions and knows the Golden rules, informs Rus.Media.

Always eat at home

Even if a friend invited to the cafe, everyone pays for themselves. That is why you need to eat at home, and the place, book a cheap salad and a drink. Advanced, but, alas, poor youth contrives to carry alcoholic drinks with you in crowded places. Do it! Caught, affected only reputation. The moment of shame will result to thousands of savings.

Give up card

No matter how abused paper money, from them there is an actual benefit. Eyes see how rapidly decreasing stack thousandths of notes, which causes excitement. The amounts which are removed by the terminal, lose reality, running out of money faster. Alternatively, set a daily withdrawal limit. It can be calculated by dividing the sum which has remained after payment of obligatory payments and implementation of other necessary purchases (household chemicals, deposits on smartphone, etc.) by the number of days to pay or advance payment.

Bring a minimum of money

Unexpected expenses – a disaster from which I dream to get rid of everything. Even caring owner allows himself too much, what about starving the body, which grows. When shopping, make a list, count the number for this cash and take a little less. Maybe from mayonnaise have to give. Believe me, salad with vegetable oil, much healthier!

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To pay the bills on time

The smallest debt gives rise to shortage of money. Today decided not to pay for communal (had a great time at the club), tomorrow nothing to send the fare. Someone will say that this is a “Soviet” philosophy. But it gives an opportunity to use all facilities in the apartment, without fear of blackouts or water. Think it’s worth it? In this case, the connection is also paid. The pleasure from the cool of the evening turns into a long depression. Well, if you don’t have to take out a loan.

Pay attention to the shares

The Internet is full of banter on this topic, but we’re beyond that. Buckwheat shares the same taste as bought in the supermarket cool. Bought cheap vegetables, where I walked on a social bread – more than half of the money on the spot. Benefit two: cost and always full fridge. Try to pay attention to the shelf life of some products can be stored for more than six months. They should be purchased with a stock.

No – low alcohol and sparkling water

As the practice of homemaking, the lion’s share of the budget “eat” the unnecessary body sugary drinks and alcohol. Buy loose leaf tea and good coffee, drink more water, and the body lighter, and wallet will not end. Sturdy high-quality alcohol is cheaper Beers and cocktails. They drink buckets, do not justify the costs. A normal glass of vodka to replace the bottle “Zhigulevsk”. And how many young people have for courage? Naturally, it is better not to drink at all. But sometimes without drinking any.

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Plan and count

Simple calculations will allow to understand what a line costs should be reduced this month. If it’s time to buy a jacket, you need to cut back on “leisure and entertainment”, do not dine at a nearby café, and take out food container from home. Some suggest to go on a diet, but it is a rash step. Mindless eating will result in health problems, and a good nutritionist need money, too. Without a doubt, to save hard. But it is necessary.

The main purpose of the process clear. Look for their “chips” reducing the regular cost. Perhaps it will be a joint purchase or order things in the online store discounts. Dare, try, aim!

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