The season of watermelons: the experts checked the nitrates a favorite treat Ukrainians

Сезон арбузов: эксперты проверили на нитраты любимое лакомство украинцев

In Ukraine, began selling the first watermelons, experts have found out how much nitrate they contain

On the capital markets already being traded in the first watermelons. However, buyers treat them with caution, they say, the early can contain a lot of nitrates. The journalists decided to test how safe are these berries, reports “Today”.

“All early products may contain elevated levels of nitrates. May contain or may not contain. Need to check. Because all berries, fruit, I buy mostly for the kids. To date, we do not yet have marriage. All products are benign,” says head of the laboratory of the market “Capital” Yuliya Kravchenko-new house.

Test passed and a few sellers of watermelons on the market.

“All grown with their work, honestly. From the garden, without chemicals, without nitrates. Very good watermelon. Can try,” says the seller, even allowing you to check the watermelon nitrate.

The first watermelons of the seller would be without nitrates. One of the sellers, Karim Mammadov, showed how to choose the right watermelon.

“For example, you can see, it’s more green, but if we knock, it rings. This means that the quality is good. And another important point: if the tail dried or darkish, it is a gorgeous watermelon,” says Mammadov.

Nutritionist Daniela Kharatin still recommends not to hurry with watermelons. Supposedly, it is better to wait until at least the end of July.

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“Actually, watermelon is a very useful berry. There are a lot of vitamin C. a lot of vitamins of group B. But do not get carried away. Because it is fast, with a high glycemic index berry. That is, it contains a lot of sugar,” explains the nutritionist Daniela Kharatin.

Note that the norm of watermelon in the diet of an adult is not more than 600 g per day.

Сезон арбузов: эксперты проверили на нитраты любимое лакомство украинцев

We will remind that it became known that in Kiev will be a barge with the Kherson watermelons. Barge with watermelons will come from the Kherson region in Kyiv on August 10. According to him, the first barge was going to send 25-26 July, but was prevented by rain. Now sending was appointed on 5 August.

Musiyenko noted, after August 10, watermelons can be seen on the shelves of Kiev supermarkets. He said that this will be the second after a long break shipping Arbuzov in Kyiv on the Dnieper river. The shipping way on the water even longer, but the load does not deteriorate, as when transporting by road. This year in Kiev will send four barges loaded with berries.

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