The sculptures invite the garden in Abercorn

maurice-ferland-pleine-creation(Abercorn) It does not grow as flowers in the gardens of Quebec. Sometimes these are works of art that appear in the heart of the surrounding landscape. At Abercorn, visitors will stop by Mo-Fer this summer can admire a real sculpture garden. Or field, depending.

Inaugurated last weekend, the Mo-iron sculptures Field will continue until 5 September. The event is in its seventh presentation.

Mo-Fer is Maurice Ferland, sculptor who, in another life, was a fashion designer. Fascinated by the beautiful and manual creation, man has touched the sculpture for the first time in 1971. He later discovered the “land art” (outside art) in which he launched in 1999.

In his workshop of Abercorn, it now gives free rein to his imagination and passion. Intuitive, he likes working with wood, metal, stainless steel, glass. Many recycled items also enter into the composition of his works. It cracks especially for old tools. “These objects were very beautiful and very well done,” he notes.

The result, however, is not dated. The assembly of these various materials have a contemporary invoice.

“I love the purified stuff, Asian-inspired. This is the object that dictates the way, “says the artist. This year, his instinct dictated the addition of red. “I appreciate that color. In addition, it is complementary to the outer greenery. It creates a nice effect. ”

Thirty its external works are exhibited on the vast land that borders his property. In this collection are added the Torsos, seven wooden sculptures in human form made by artist Claude Girard.

The sculptures are for sale, of course, about winning some space to make new ones, says Maurice Ferland.

By making a stop at the sculpture field, visitors will make one stone. Not only they will discover the works of art, but also enjoy the site which, they say, is worth seeing.

The place is open to the public during the 10 pm weekends at 16 pm and the week by appointment. The field is located at the intersection of roads and Hillcrest Spencer in Abercorn. Follow the flags. It’s free.

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