The scientists were taken aback by the statement about life on Mars: “keep struggling”

Ученые огорошили заявлением о жизни на Марсе: «держатся изо всех сил»

In the long disputes of learned men, whether there is life on Mars, apparently, come to an end

The researchers stated that they had found possible signs of life on the red planet.

Thus, experts have carefully studied pictures from Mars and found them interesting rock formations, which, according to experts, similar to pasta. Them the education, they plan to test for the existence of bacteria, writes UNIAN.

Ученые огорошили заявлением о жизни на Марсе: «держатся изо всех сил»

The fact that about the same stone “spaghetti” is on the Ground, and then causing bacterium Sulfurihydrogenibium yellowstonense.

This bacterium belongs to the extremophiles, that is, there is a high probability that she can live and “be fruitful” and in the harsh conditions on Mars. Favor of this version proves this scientific fact: the bacterium belongs to the line, which evolved before the atmosphere of our planet began to appear the oxygen (about 2.35 billion years ago).

It is also reported that this unique bacterium survives in boiling water, can withstand strong UV light and can live where oxygen level is very low.

The bacterium catalyzes the formation of crystalline rocks that look like layers of pasta. In running water the bacteria clinging to each other and “keep struggling”. They form a solid thread, fluttering like flags. Bacteria can be seen only under the microscope, they are visible and so. Interestingly, they resemble the fettuccine pasta.

Scientists hope to detect bacteria-“pasta” on Mars, and that will be proof that there is life.

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As previously reported, the international scientists first recorded under the surface of Mars quakes. It is reported by the national center for space exploration on his Twitter page.

“SEIS seismograph installed on the surface of Mars, recorded the first seismic event on the planet, according to the website of the French National center of space researches”, — stated in the message.

Ученые огорошили заявлением о жизни на Марсе: «держатся изо всех сил»

It is emphasized that the incident occurred at the beginning of the month, however, it has become known only now.

“Weak, but distinct seismic signal recorded on 6 April. Scientists have suggested that it could be small tremors under the surface of the planet,” — said in a statement.

We will remind, on Mars discovered something inexplicable, even scientists are confused.

As reported Politeka, NASA published a detailed plan of space exploration.

Also Politeka wrote that revealed the biggest danger of travelling to Mars.