The scientists showed a video about the results of nuclear war Russia and NATO: “millions will die”

Ученые показали видео о результатах ядерной войны РФ и НАТО: «погибнут миллионы»

Scientists have modeled the consequences of “limited” nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO came to a devastating conclusion

It turns out that even the “local” use of nuclear weapons will lead to the deaths of almost 100 million people. It is reported by Naked Science.

In early September, from the website of the joint chiefs of staff of the us army in the open access came the 60-page “Doctrine for joint nuclear operations”. The paper examines scenarios of global nuclear conflict and the local use of nuclear weapons as part of a “tactical” or “limited regional” application. Soon the document was removed from the network.

Ученые показали видео о результатах ядерной войны РФ и НАТО: «погибнут миллионы»

The researchers of the Laboratory science and global security at Princeton University modeled the result of the development of one of the scenarios.

A video in which scientists presented the results of this work, shows a fictional conflict of the forces of NATO and Russia. According to the scenario, in an effort to limit the ability of the bloc in Central and Eastern Europe, the Russian army launching a nuclear attack on the border areas of Germany and Poland. In response, the United States will use nuclear weapons in the Kaliningrad region. According to calculations of scientists, by this moment will die of 2.6 million people.

However, both sides have crossed the line in the use of nuclear weapons. Blow 300 warheads paralyze NATO forces, in response, Russia sent 180 surviving warheads. According to the model, the mortality rate will reach 34.1 million, and the 57.4 million people will die from severe injuries and wounds.

The study authors stressed that a “limited” nuclear war does not happen, and therefore we should tighten control over deadly weapons and continue to fight for its complete destruction before it destroys us.

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