The scientists saw on the surface of Mars dome and the triangle

Scientists said that on the surface of Mars, found a mysterious triangle with a strange structure, like a dome. This event shows the video in the Network.

The surface of The red planet becomes increasingly the object of research for scientists. Recently experts in the study of UFOs on Mars has found a strange dome in combination with the triangle of unknown origin. On the background seen in pictures among scientists sparked massive dispute. To the dilemma connected and Internet browsers, as scientists have published the video in the Network.

Many believe that the objects seen nothing like the remnants of the rocks that dot Mars. But according to the conclusions of ufologists, dome and triangle can testify about the aliens who live there. Currently the items found scientists continue to study. It is believed that the dome is the emptiness in which something can be placed. And this mysterious phenomenon can become a new environment that will prove the existence of UFOs on Mars.

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