The scientists said, why not drink vitamins: “Leads to cancer”

Ученые рассказали, почему нельзя пить витамины: "Приводит к раку"

The scientists explained why vitamins cannot be taken without the advice of a doctor

Scientists have found new evidence that the habit of taking vitamins for prevention without medical prescription can be very dangerous to health.

The intake of vitamin B12 leading to the increase of its concentration in the human body, increases the likelihood of lung cancer — this conclusion of experts is reproduced in International Journal of Cancer.

Ученые рассказали, почему нельзя пить витамины: "Приводит к раку"

The authors of the new study, researchers from Norway compared the blood 5183 patients suffering from lung cancer with similar indicators for healthy people. Special attention in the group of people diagnosed with lung cancer was given to those who got sick, although was not a smoker.

Smoking is traditionally considered the main factor of developing the disease, but scientists note: this is not the only reason, and the need to more thoroughly investigate other circumstances that lead to this type of cancer.

Blood samples from study participants were taken twice: during the periods of 1995-1997 and 2006-2008. After studying them, the experts stated that taking vitamin B12 may be associated with increased incidence of human lung cancer

“With the doubling in the body concentration of B12, the risk of malignancy was increased by 15%,” said the authors.

The scientists also found that some people have levels of vitamin B12 can be upgraded genetically among such subjects noted an increased incidence of cancer.

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Why vitamin B12 is known for its property to promote recovery of the body, has such a negative on the lungs remains to be seen.

We will add, earlier the doctors had told where to look for vitamin D in the winter time of year when we all miss the sun due to the cloudy weather and cold.

Ученые рассказали, почему нельзя пить витамины: "Приводит к раку"

To overestimate the importance of vitamin D for health is difficult. For people with cardiovascular disease, this vitamin can be a cure from premature death. In addition, vitamin D is a powerful means of prevention of flu and colds.

Earlier, scientists found dangerous to life vitamin.

As reported Politeka, it is important to know what vitamins you are missing: the advice of a nutritionist

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have discovered a lack of the vitamin is extremely dangerous: “Leads to cancer”