The scientists said, what is the meaning of disturbing dreams: how to identify impending illness

Ученые рассказали, что означают тревожные сны: как определить надвигающиеся болезни

Scientists have explained why changing the content of dreams is a reason to think about their health

The nature of the dream may indicate the approach of disease, and at an early stage of the disease, expressed by scientists from the United States. For example, according to them, in a dream you can see the signs of the coming of hypertension or tuberculosis.

The doctors said that when the disease of a particular organ in the brain, broadcast nerve impulses, which are best to reach him at the moment when a person falls asleep.

Ученые рассказали, что означают тревожные сны: как определить надвигающиеся болезни

Day drowns out other signals, at night these stimuli more tangible progress to cortical formation, which may cause dreams. According to experts, in such circumstances often have scenes with nasty plot.

If the anxiety and bad dreams start happening more often, is reason to think, experts are convinced. They explained that the nature of the dreams changes two months before the first signs of tuberculosis, a month — to gastritis.

The scientists elaborated that when violations of the gastrointestinal tract, people often pursue dreams involving spoiled food.

“At one and the same disease the plot of the dream is able to vary depending on the person’s profession and its education” — added the sleep.

Indicators of dreams science for the first time connects with the likelihood of ill – for example, long sleep, according to researchers, can signal something about the heart problems. About the night sleep apnea — stop breathing, which can be extremely dangerous to life, you can say the dreams in which people feel constrained or stifled and unable to move.

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We will add, earlier the scientists from American Academy medicine has found a way to get rid of nightmares.

A sleep disorder in severe cases leads to the regular occurrence of nightmares, which lead to physical suffering or mental disorders. The nightmares affects about 4 percent of adults. These dreams can dramatically impair quality of life.

Ученые рассказали, что означают тревожные сны: как определить надвигающиеся болезни

To get rid of nightmares, you need to imagine the plot likely a bad dream in a relaxed and peaceful state. The content of the dream needs to change as long as the plot and nothing will be left unclear and alarming.

We will remind, why do we dream: the meaning of night visions to humans.

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