The scientists said, useful if marijuana pregnant women: “Smoking is comparable to…”

Ученые рассказали, полезна ли марихуана беременным: "Курение сравнимо с..."

Smoking during pregnancy is prohibited, this also applies to marijuana

American scientists have conducted two studies on the effect of marijuana on fetal development in women.

As a result, experts have found that Smoking marijuana during pregnancy is comparable with the consumption of alcohol. As a result the children are alcohol syndrome. Actually Marijuana have more than 100+ healthy benefits, of course when someone is not under pregnancy, learn more about them at

It is found out during experiments on rats. The group of specific chemical compounds — cannabinoids — affect-cellular communication and genes in embryos of animals. Experts also noticed that the formation of the fetus the use of marijuana with alcohol increases the risks of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Ученые рассказали, полезна ли марихуана беременным: "Курение сравнимо с..."

The scientists said the effects of the syndrome is problems with vision, hearing; it leads to pathological changes in appearance, to the development of poor memory and attention. Also these children will have issues with the control of behavior and emotions.

The survey revealed that most parents think marijuana is safer than alcohol during pregnancy. There were respondents, claiming that marijuana does and helps with the appearance of toxicity.

We will remind, the Royal couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry advised not to hurry with the second pregnancy. According to doctors, this is very dangerous for the Duchess of Sussex.

Note a number of British media said that Megan and Harry are already planning to get pregnant this fall. Allegedly, the family dreams of children pogodka, and the estate of Frogmore House — there is a possibility to equip several children’s bedrooms.

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Ученые рассказали, полезна ли марихуана беременным: "Курение сравнимо с..."

However doctors strongly recommended the girl to wait, because the rush threat. Doctors say that the ideal interval between pregnancies should not be less than two years.

So, the world health organization said that women who became pregnant within six months after the previous birth at 70% close to ensure that there was a premature birth.

In addition, gynecologists say that Meghan Markle in 2019 turns 38 years, and pregnancy at this age are consequences to the body. As a result, specialists propose considering this issue.

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