The scientists said, to what people bring loneliness

Ученые рассказали, до чего людей доводит одиночество

Scientists have described how loneliness affects human health and what it proves

Scientists have conducted studies that have shown that reducing a person’s IQ by 30%. Information shared thematic foreign edition.

Experts came to the conclusion that social exclusion leads to a significant reduction in the level of human intelligence. Moreover, loneliness makes people more aggressive. Scientists believe that intelligence may have evolved primarily to facilitate social relations.

Ученые рассказали, до чего людей доводит одиночество

The study involved people who are selectively told that they will soon be alone. Three experiments showed a sharp drop in mental abilities. Thus, the term social exclusion has reduced the ability of opponents to be rational.

“Now, can we better explain the structure of cognitive decrements, suggesting that social isolation represents an intimidating, hostile event for the individual. People tend to suppress their emotional distress, impairs controlled processes. In other words, when the volunteers were told that they would be alone, it was harder to focus, because they tried to suppress negative emotions. Our results are consistent with the fact that intelligence evolved as a means to support and facilitate social relations, ” — said the scientists.

Earlier we reported on how loneliness affects our health and what effects should be wary. Life in isolation is not only a heavy moral implications, but also a real physiological problem.

For example, a single person salinschi stick like “flies to honey”. And the list only one-Smoking and alcohol is not limited. So, singles can be pulled on the cigarette and the bottle, trying to drown out his need for companionship, but they also find an outlet in the food. In addition, one can become addicted to sex, with a partner for one night each time. Or get used to gambling.

Ученые рассказали, до чего людей доводит одиночество

What kind of dependence is like a lonely man, affected by what he was inclined during the period when he was surrounded by people.

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As reported Politeka, the pursuit of loneliness can be a symptom of depression.

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