The scientists said the danger credit cards pose: “dirty as a toilet rim”

Ученые рассказали, какую опасность таят кредитки: "грязные, как ободок унитаза"

Harmful habits, like to sit at the table with dirty hands, can be fraught with consequences

American scientists have conducted a number of studies and found that credit cards are dangerous to health. According to them, 10% of banknotes have traces of feces.

And paper money has uncovered more dirt. The study was able to establish that every seventh bill present threat of infection.

Ученые рассказали, какую опасность таят кредитки: "грязные, как ободок унитаза"

The researchers said the degree of contamination of money is comparable to the contamination of the rim of the toilet.

In addition, scientists have found — 69% do not wash their hands after holding the money in his hands or visit the bathroom. But only 39% said that they always wash their hands before eating.

By the way, the doctors said that the risk of diarrhoeal infections reduced by 42% just after washing your hands.

Recall, people are for various reasons more and more are turning to a vegetarian diet. It is believed that giving up meat makes people healthier and smarter. However, nutritionists say that in this matter there are two parties, and, most likely, everything will be exactly the opposite.

In particular, vegetarianism may have a negative impact on mental health. Australian researchers have discovered — in many cases people are at least optimistic and increasingly suffering from anxiety and stress than meat eaters.

In addition, it was found that vegetarians is 18% more likely to report depression and 28% more likely to experience panic attacks and anxiety.

Animal meat contains a number of vitamins, zinc, iron and tryptophan. These substances are very low in foods of plant origin and which have an extremely important effect on mood.

Ученые рассказали, какую опасность таят кредитки: "грязные, как ободок унитаза"

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Experts recommend to slowly give up meat, if this idea does not leave. Thus it is necessary to observe his mood. Vegetarianism can be just not for you.

Earlier we wrote that there are several habits, which you need to get rid of during the cooking. In particular, do not try the raw dough, because the flour can be Escherichia coli that cause serious poisoning.

It is also prohibited to use one knife. For slicing meat and fish you need to use a separate device so that it does not contact with other products.

Recall, the scientists named the most harmful product.

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