The scientists said that it will take the leaders of the world, when the Earth collides with an asteroid: the end of the world

Ученые рассказали, что предпримут мировые лидеры, когда в Землю врежется астероид: «конец света»

To save the cities you plan to use a nuclear bomb

NASA scientists decided to find out how to react to heads of state when they know that soon the Earth will hit a 300-meter asteroid.

In this experiment decided the group of European and American scientists. According to their idea, that a planet sweeps huge asteroid and the collision can not be avoided.

Ученые рассказали, что предпримут мировые лидеры, когда в Землю врежется астероид: «конец света»

Even well-known fateful day, when the asteroid will fall to Earth on April 29, 2027.

It was necessary to calculate what measures will be taken by world leaders when they learn that nine years later, half the planet could be destroyed. As well as experts tried to calculate the damage from the disaster.

The experiment was conducted during the annual conference of the IAA Planetary Defense Conference.

According to experts, the asteroid should crash in the area of the projected risk corridor, passing through the territories of the United States and Africa.

It is reported that only 3 years after this news, NASA would be able to organize and direct a special reconnaissance mission to learn more about the size, orbit and composition of the threat from space.

Then in 2021 the cosmic powers of Europe, USA, Russia, China and Japan began to build six “kinetic impactors” — probes, designed for a collision with an asteroid to change its orbit.

By August 2024, they would have made and launched into space toward the deadly space object. Experts admitted that to get to the asteroid conventionally, could only three of the probe.

Have to happen to change the trajectory of the asteroid, but now a new attack. From the heavenly bodies breaks off a huge chunk of 50 to 80 meters and flies to the Eastern part of America.

For the salvation of cities, the U.S. government decided to use nuclear bomb.

However, here come to the fore politicians who could not agree on this option, the experts refused.

Six months later it becomes known that a piece of asteroid falls exactly on new York. The authorities will have to evacuate all the inhabitants of the city with a multimillion population. It will take them two months.

Ученые рассказали, что предпримут мировые лидеры, когда в Землю врежется астероид: «конец света»

And that same day, April 29, 2027. The asteroid enters the atmosphere of our planet and explodes at an altitude of 15 kilometers over Central Park.

The specialist noted that the explosion will be extremely powerful. On the territory of about 83 square kilometers’t survive absolutely no one. All the Windows at a distance of 45 kilometers will be broken, and will destroy even at a distance of 68 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion of the cosmic body.

The researchers compared that after the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001 had destroyed a total of 0.065 square kilometers and the economic damage amounted to two trillion dollars.

It is also worth to add that during the experiment it was found, how do people behave and what to do in the event of mass panic.

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