The scientists said that it is necessary for a healthy heart: “you Need to eat occasionally”

Ученые рассказали, что необходимо для здорового сердца: "Нужно кушать изредка"

American scientists have named the product, eating that every day, but only from time to time, you can significantly improve heart function

American scientists of the school of medicine Icahn in new York city have proven that by eating chocolate, people strengthen your heart. In particular, the researchers appreciate the chocolate as a product that prevents the development of heart failure.

Ученые рассказали, что необходимо для здорового сердца: "Нужно кушать изредка"

Eating chocolate up to three tiles per month reduces the risk of developing heart failure by 13%, is the conclusion of experts in The Independent. In favor of this conclusion are the results of the data analysis 575 thousand people.

The special value of the chocolate according to scientists is that it is a rich source of flavonoids – polyphenolic substances under the action of which cropped inflammation, as well as increased levels of “good” cholesterol in the blood. Flavonoids also stimulate the production of nitric oxide, that dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

The most beneficial for the heart, according to experts, is dark chocolate – it has a high amount of flavonoids with the lowest among of chocolate sugar content. However, even dark chocolate, the researchers did not suggest a day – this product is full of fat and calories.

“Chocolate’s only useful in the case that will be used from time to time. Daily consumption of chocolate increases the likelihood of heart failure by 17%,” noted the authors.

Ученые рассказали, что необходимо для здорового сердца: "Нужно кушать изредка"

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The researchers claim that the main cause of many diseases that occur in humans in recent years is the usual change of style of food. In particular, we are talking about eating large amounts of foods with “hidden” fats and salt.

Scientists emphasize that to save on food is not to eat right and healthy. More about this says the expert cardiologist, MD Marat Aripov.

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