The schoolboy was killed on the eve of graduation: “stunning selfies”

Школьник погиб накануне выпускного: «эффектное селфи»

Teen for spectacular photographs decided on a desperate act

15-year-old student climbed the seven-meter railway bridge.

The tragedy took place in Zaporozhye. Kirill and his friends went to the river and the boys decided to have fun – doing self. The guy decided to take a picture of yourself on the top of the bridge. Said – done, and Cyril climbed on design, says the story TSN.

Школьник погиб накануне выпускного: «эффектное селфи»

Someone of the friends advised the student to take a picture with the other hand, there, they say, a picture will be better.

Cyril, without hesitation, began to move along the cross beam. But suddenly, the boy lost his balance, started to fall and not to crash down from a great height, grabbed hold of the contact wire. He died instantly.

The physicians who have arrived on a call, verified death of the student. To help him they could not.

The child was buried. Now classmates decide whether to cancel because of the death of Cyril senior prom.

As previously reported, the popular blogger-climber became the victim of an accident. The blogger managed to signal distress, but to save her failed.

We are talking about Gigi Wu, which has received global fame because of images of mountain peaks in a bikini. She died after the last climb to the top of Yushan in Taiwan.

It is known that Gigi decided to go in a single trip 11 January, but after 8 days filed a distress signal, saying that fell into a ravine and can’t get out. Her rescue was going to send paratroopers, but due to bad weather they could not fly.

Then sent two teams of rescuers Hiking and they found Gigi Wu after 28 hours after she activated her emergency beacon. Unfortunately, by the time the Chinese were already dead. It turned out that she froze to death.

Школьник погиб накануне выпускного: «эффектное селфи»

It is also reported that the helicopters still cannot fly to the place of her death due to bad weather, so found it while rescuers smashed next to the body of the camp and waiting for it to be picked up.

We will remind that the new law will officially forbidden to do a selfie: “the Maximum penalty”.

As reported Politeka, Teens left together in the life of the girl before death confessed to the friend in a terrible, found a farewell note.

Also Politeka wrote that the mutilated body of a Ukrainian was found between the wagons: details of the terrible tragedy because of a selfie.