The school took the attack to the student: surrounded an ambulance, the kids scream, “broke a gun to class”

Школу взял в облогу ученик: окружили скорые, дети кричат, "ворвался с пистолетом на урок"

The student was late to class and started waving the weapon in front of students

Student with a gun took hostage pupils of the gymnasium №7, Kazan (Russian Federation).

About it write the Russian mass media:

“Measures have been taken. It’s OK,” said Secretary of the Director of the institution for the press, adding that “information is not disclosed”.

As it became known, the incident occurred at the lesson of literature:

“The teenager was a little late, entered the office and began to behave aggressively, brandishing a gun,” he told local media operatives.

Школу взял в облогу ученик: окружили скорые, дети кричат, "ворвался с пистолетом на урок"

It is known that the instigator of the conflict name is Iskander. 17-year-old boy came to class not only with a pneumatic gun, but with a kitchen knife, clarify to the media the security services working on-site emergency.

According to preliminary information the police, the guy wanted to commit suicide, but did not dare:

“So he came with weapons to school, hoping that he would be killed during the arrest,” this resource Life Shot said a source in emergency services of the region.

The school also suggested that it could occur because of unrequited love. The teenager was fond of one of the Schoolgirls.

It is also known that teacher, which the teenager broke into the lesson with the gun, asked the youth about problems in school and at home. In response, the guy said no problem. And then sat on the teacher.

Let us remind that recently the school play turned into a high-profile incident. Student shot a classmate during a rehearsal of the production:

“In Moscow the school student brought a real airguns instead of fake weapons to the rehearsal of the play”.

He shot his classmate.

It is known that the pupil of school № 2095 Mikhail Pronin snuck in weapons, it is also Known that the hero of the play in the face of a teenager was supposed to depict only fire in your opponent’s on stage, 14-year-old Nikita Black:

“As a result, one bullet hit nick in the nose, the second in the head. To get they had in the hospital.”

Recall also reported that he took his own life former head of the architectural Fund of the USSR Yury Dikarev:

“Yury Dikarev was shot in his apartment. As recognized by relatives, he didn’t want to be a burden for the family, tired of fighting with the pain. After another refusal from the er, which wanted to call the daughter of a pensioner, he locked himself in his room, took out a captured German gun and shot himself in the temple”.

Школу взял в облогу ученик: окружили скорые, дети кричат, "ворвался с пистолетом на урок"

According to the daughter Dikareva, they take their granddaughter and heard a loud Bang:

“…as if from the shelf fell a book. Came to the door, with difficulty opened it and saw the dead grandfather.”

Recall that the “murderer was at liberty”: details of the scandal of the murder of the security guard Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, on the Baptism of the inhabitant of Nikolaev brutally murdered with ex-husband, who came to visit her for the occasion.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.